how the @divorce program helps

people make better choices

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how the @divorce program helps how the @divorce program helps
how @divorce gives people

the power of perspective

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better choices about divorce mean

a better future for you & your family

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@divorce is an online tool designed to show you how to divorce differently

@divorce helps you figure out where to begin, what questions to ask and how to keep from making the situation more difficult than it already is. Confidential and private, convenient and comprehensive, you learn what you need to know.

After field-testing our divorce program for 9 years in classrooms, it is now online so you can learn at your own pace and, unlike other divorce resources, be guided through the steps of how to divorce.

@divorce wants to change people's attitudes toward divorce - from a life-altering event that produces fear and anxiety to one that is hopeful and positive. By showing that you have options, you can stay in control and get a better result for you and your family. Learn more »